Friday, November 5, 2010

Take a moment, look at the views

Today was a long day of travel. I was starting to feel the waves of travel fails coming right for me.

It started out with a McDonald's fail at the Atlanta airport, then no wifi on my flight. BUT- McDonald's saw my tweet and DM'ed me asking for more info and offered a voucher, then the flight's seat back movies were free and I watched 'Salt' and 'Knight and Day'. Fails became better!

Then upon landing, Delta's baggage services folks took over an hour and fifteen minutes to gets bags to the carousel. During the drive from LAX to San Diego, I took a few moments to stop and take in the coastal views. Turned that frustration into something good.

Finally, upon arrival at the hotel, I found out my presentation was moved up by almost two hours. But my need for a room accelerated me into a room with an incredible view of San Diego. The city directly ahead, the cruise terminal to the right, and a great view of the airport to the left.

Simply put... Don't let a few fails spoil the views!

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