Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random stories from the road will be shared. Right Here.

Here it is... The next 30 or so days will have me on the road for business and pleasure (of the next 32 days, 20 will be spent away from Winnie and Sandler).  I will be in San Diego, Northern NJ, Scranton PA, Raleigh NC,  Houston/Galveston TX, and many places in between.

I think we all agree that Twitter is a great way to stream consciousness and thought as it happens, right? I want to try and make this blog as relevant and fresh as possible (yeah, me relevant). Ok, Todd P @tperlmutter kind of guilted, I mean motivated me, into doing something productive.

So, challenge to self: post something, anything about what happens where I am.  It may be brief, or have a full story involved but it is some of the "it happened today" types of things.  I hope you'll join me in reading about (and commenting about) what happens.

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