Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arriving on a Red Eye in Atlanta... The first 45 minutes

Have you ever taken a Red Eye flight? It's a flight from a western US city that leaves late at night/early morning and gets to an east coast city in the Pre dawn hours. It's a great way to maximize time at a west coast destination (like Disneyland) and use the plane as a flying hotel room. It gets is name from the sensation and look of your eyes after trying to sleep on board.

Normally Atlanta is my final destination, so I just get in my car and roll home to bed. Today, I continue to Newark NJ to see my girlfriend for lunch before proceeding to Scranton PA for an insure visit Monday AM. With this in mind, I discovered that there are two tips to share with my fellow Atlanta airport travelers:

One- there are good benches to sleep on between gates B4 and B6. They are isolated from the rest of the seating areas AND there is a power outlet too :-). Only downfall, it's next to the window. Jacket required on cold mornings.

Two- there are no restaurants or concession stands open before 6am. If you slept through meal service on your flight (like I did) or didn't eat before take off, be prepared to be fasting until they open. I'm rumbling as I type this.

Feel free to comment on your travel or red eye experiences... I love this flight schedule as I am all about making the most of my travel times. Night night!

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