Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch this space... A New Year's Resolution

Does a blog have to be epic?  Does it have to change the world?  Why do I try to make this bigger than what it really needs to be?  Well- I have decided that I am going to make it into something.

With my recent relocation to Project Jersey Wishes HQ, the love of Disney, and other Seinfeld-esque events I figured there are things to share and talk about.  It may be as simple as pictures or copies of Facebook/Twitter postings, or deeper like a trip report/review or a story... But I will make something of this Posterous thing.

This is also the year I decide if I will go away from Facebook in favor of something else.  I feel pretty good about the Twitter "thing" as my stream of consciousness, but the repository of the stuff I want to catalog and remember... that is the question that needs an answer in 2012.

In fact, what/how are you sharing your life in the social media space?  I'd love to read your thoughts.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek VI, My SVHS Graduation (it happened in 1991)

I am curious... Who has attended a class reunion of some kind?  Seems like an odd question, right?  I have attended gatherings of like-minded people ( Disney), but these are people I have known in my adult life.  Well, In just a few days I will attend a 20 year reunion of the Saucon Valley High School class of 1991.  Now, before you think things like "twenty years, Steve?" "YOU? No way!" (HEY- why didn't you think that?).  I started to wonder how this little event will play out.  I didn't attend my 10 year reunion.  Mind you it wasn't some rebellious act, my work/personal schedule just didn't allow for it. And now I wonder: "What will it be like?"

Full disclosure, I keep in touch with (or read about on occasion) quite a few people I went to school with on Facebook.  I have a pretty good idea for what is going on in their published lives. By "published lives" I mean the facts that are part of knowing what's going on.  I think this has become the norm in this day and age of social media.  One interesting thing I have noticed, though- Many of the people (maybe you) in my Facebook circle are not necessarily the folks I ran around with back in the day.  I find this to be a unique dynamic.  It's exciting to think that those I was close to will be there, as well as those I knew, but maybe wasn't as close to.  We were a small school, relatively speaking (just over 100 in our class as I recall).  I remember that senior year I was one of two voted "Most Friendly" (You don't say, Steve). Not "most popular" or "most liked" (which is OK with me)... but most friendly.  Here's hoping that continues this weekend with everyone who will be there.

What are your class reunion thoughts?  Have you attended your own?  Did you bypass this part of your life?  AND for the curious... The pictures are a little walk down amnesia lane with me and those in the class of 1991.




Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting from there to here

Less than a year ago, I took my solo trips to Walt Disney World to a new level when I specifically went to attend Lou Mongello's WDW Radio 24-hour show/meet and Illuminations Dessert Party Event. I can trace so much of my Disney happiness to this point in the space time continuum. (yeah, that was scifi).

I have been a Disney Parks fan for decades now, yeah I'm that old (and I know someone who loves that fact). But there were was a friendship that was forged that weekend which was the "start of something new." In fact, he's a cabin mate of mine next week on the WDW Radio Disney Dream Cruise. Imagine this, I arrive at the Studios as soon as i get off the plane and tweet "anyone here?" That first night I get a reply from @disdug71 (Doug) that he was with others watching and streaming Fantasmic with Beci Mahnken and Matt Hochberg. Well, the rest is history.

As I mentioned, I am sailing on the Disney Dream with the group from WDW Radio next week. Doug, Kristen, and I are cabin mates for this high seas adventure. I just wanted to pause and reflect on the point in history that has made this and many other things magical this year.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do with inflight WiFi

So, here I am flying on a Delta 757-200 aircraft that has in-flight WiFi from GoGo... What is there to do to pass the time on inflight WiFi?

The obvious is be productive and check email, Twitter, and Facebook. Done.

The next: Stream audio... Maybe suggest the Pandora Radio App? Perhaps Mouse World Radio or Live 365 for some Magical Mouse Radio? Done.

The not so obvious:

Use Google Voice to send text messages. You can't talk, but you can text to any US number while in flight!

Tweet about your flight progress. It will either annoy everyone, or be a great way to let the awesome person picking you up about your progress :-)

Play online games like Words with Friends. I am getting spanked in most of the games I am playing, but at least it's fun!

All this just to pass the time until I land and get an awesome hug from Erin when I see her at the airport... Today it's the destination, not as much the journey.

How about you? What do you do while inflight?