Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch this space... A New Year's Resolution

Does a blog have to be epic?  Does it have to change the world?  Why do I try to make this bigger than what it really needs to be?  Well- I have decided that I am going to make it into something.

With my recent relocation to Project Jersey Wishes HQ, the love of Disney, and other Seinfeld-esque events I figured there are things to share and talk about.  It may be as simple as pictures or copies of Facebook/Twitter postings, or deeper like a trip report/review or a story... But I will make something of this Posterous thing.

This is also the year I decide if I will go away from Facebook in favor of something else.  I feel pretty good about the Twitter "thing" as my stream of consciousness, but the repository of the stuff I want to catalog and remember... that is the question that needs an answer in 2012.

In fact, what/how are you sharing your life in the social media space?  I'd love to read your thoughts.