Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun, food, and history on the Midway

Last night my colleagues and I were invited to a dinner event and costume ball on the USS Midway, here in San Diego. While I didn't participate in the costuming, it was amazing to be on this grand old ship during the after hours.

During the day, you can tour the aircraft carrier and I totally recommend it. You don't realize how amazing it is to see the length (and I mean short!) of the landing area and imagine pilots landing planes there. Also there are other great Navy exhibits on board including aircraft, cockpits, ejector seats, and more. I took some pictures while exploring, mingling, and enjoying some tasty beverages ;-).

I travel with work a ton, and this is my way of taking a playbook from Ferris Bueller's way of seeing the world. Only a few more hours here before the red eye later. How do you fellow travelers make your work trips somewhat easier to take?

Enjoy... A little something from the work trip.


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