Thursday, August 5, 2010

My goal... a post a day until the August WDW Trip.

SO- I have been awful, just awful about keeping my blog fresh. I recall a certain Betamouse podcast episode that says if you want to be relevant, keep it coming. Well I think I am getting in the zone! I am just 7 days to the arrival of 5 days of fun and I am feeling inspired. SO, I will be trying something new: Quick thoughts I am having in the days leading up to departure.

Tonight, I am realizing that the amount of sleep I get will be limited. Yep, that Mickey towel left on the bed by housekeeping may very well be there well into the night before it is even touched.  I think my sleep will not just limited due to my usual all-out maximizing of time in the parks... But that I will be so excited to be spending time with new, known, and unknown Disney friends and Tweeps. I will admit, I enjoy taking part in the discussions and interactions we share about the World. There is something magical that happens when it becomes real when we go further into the community that we are all a part of. I mean if you are reading this, you are so a part of it.

Have you felt this kind of excitement? Are you old hat at this whole "I'm going to Disney World" thing? Are you going next weekend? Don't be shy... Stop on by, below or in person!

See you tomorrow... When it is only 6 days to arrival!

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