Friday, June 25, 2010

Driving Disney...

How many of you believe your car is an extension of your personality? Well, I am a firm believer of this. And so this explains why I own… Wait for it… A 2001 Pontiac Aztek. That’s right. The car created as part of a General Motors experiment gone horribly wrong: part 4-door sedan, part minivan, part SUV and all unique. Also referred to by many as one of the top 5 ugliest cars ever made, a poor man’s Honda Element, and As$pick. No matter what- all mine for the last 4 years (and will be until I go back to green, I had a Prius before it). BUT- back to the Disney angle of this. I first saw this car after exiting Test Track. It was a featured GM vehicle at the time and it was love at first sight.

The car is named Bravo Two-Two-Niner (if you are unsure where this comes from, I will share in my next post- or you can share in comments below).

B229 is also adorned with a few Disney items: On the front of the car is a DVC Member plate that I have transferred from car-to-car for years. I am a proud member who knows the best kept secret ;) Then on the back, a WDW license plate border that tells ya where I am always trying to drive B229 back to.

Then, there is the Spaceship Earth antenna topper. This is a replacement for the Sorcerer topper I had originally that was defaced by having the ears removed. YEAH! Who does that?!?

SO- What do you drive? Is it your personality? Or more importantly- how have you Disney-ized your car? Have you Disney Pimped Your Ride? I am curious… and I know many others are too! Please share and comment below.

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  1. My Nissan Versa is named Sally (she's blue). She has a To
    Tink on her bumper, a Mickey fuzzy dice, and a Disney princess antenna topper.

  2. No name for my red RAV4. Mostly we call it "the truck" to distinguish it from my wife mini van even through it's not a truck. It has a Stitch antenna topper and Grumpy stickers in each of the back windows.

  3. I happen to love what you can do with your cars to Disney-ize them :)

  4. My black Odyssey doesn't have a name but I proudly have my Walt Disney World Magnet with the fab 5 on the back along with a magnet for I don't have an antenna so I have no where to put my pink mickey antenna topper. So sad :(

  5. I love what you've done with your car! Great topic!

    I have a big old-person sedan. There is a lei from 'Ohana around the rearview, the same license plate frame that you have, and an awesome personalized vanity plate. This weekend we lost our Haunted Mansion magnet. We have no toppable antennae. Or back window has the"family"stickers, too.

  6. I love this post! People think it's strange how incredibly attached I am to my car and that she has a name.

    I drive a 2006 black VW Jetta. Her formal name is Gretta the German Jetta, but you can call her Gretta. I have a Nightmare Before Xmas license plate cover on the back plate. On the rear windshield, I have those "Happy Family" stickers with the Mickey ears...there is me, my husband and our 2 cats, Cleo and Neala, all ready to go to WDW :) Gretta unfortunately doesn't have an antenna, so no topper for me, but hubs has a Jack Skelington topper on his car...He drives a 2006 black Mini Cooper named Turtle :)

  7. Kristen HelmstetterMon Jun 28, 03:17:00 PM EDT

    When I had a Mini Cooper I had a Union Jack Mickey on my antenna since it was a British car. Now, with my VW there is no antenna so there is very little Disney swag. Just a Tinkerbell who has moved from car to car and hangs via suction cup to the inside of the windshield. I need to get a new one in August actually. Thanks for the reminder. What a fun post!

  8. I love your antenna toppers! My old and beloved beater (but in great shape) Chevy Lumina is adorned with a Sorcerer Mickey antenna topper. Apparently my car needs more bling... ;)

  9. Here is the funny development of late... I am looking at having to trade away the Dark Angel, Test Track inspired Aztek. I am looking for the next Disney-inspired vehicle. Test Track? lol