Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Counting down...

Planning leads to anticipation. Anticipation leads to excitement. Excitement builds to the crescendo that is your next trip to Disney. Seeing as how I am in full-on countdown mode for my short May 21-23 weekend at the Studios and Epcot, I thought I would put it out there to see what others do in anticipation of their trip.

I am going as a solo to the May Meet of the Month with the WDW Radio 24-hour broadcast hosted by the man who would be king, Lou Mongello. Then, I will enjoy the viewing party for Illuminations at the Dream Team event Saturday night. As an excited single traveler with a ton of enthusiasm about this, I need an outlet. Like many others who have Tweeted before me, I am going to share my countdown with my Disney brothers and sisters on Twitter (and to a muted extent, on Facebook). Yes, I am going to be one of those Tweeting about my “days to go” and “who’s with me” and “I’m going to do…” You know you do it too. In addition, I have a widget counting down on my Mac desktop, a widget in my iGoogle home page, and an icon on my iPhone reminding me of my arrival Friday evening at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I am curious about what others do to anticipate their trips. Families? Couples? Other solos or singles? Please feel free to share!

OH- and if you are going to be there, this is my first real “meet up” and I invite you to feel free to comment or follow/mention to me on Twitter too :)

See you real soon!


  1. So understand :) I shared way less about my last 2 trips on facebook than I did with my "DISpeeps" on twitter.

    I sometime use a banner ticker on the boards I participate in to count down the days until my next trip.

    And I like to do the "at this time in a week I'll be" or "this time tomorrow I'll be" game.

  2. I feel you pain. Pain? Never! Excitement and anticipation!
    When traveling with company, I send daily text messages to "remind" my trip buddies how many days are left to go!
    And the exclamations marks usually multiply as the day gets closer.
    30 days to go!
    10 days to go!!!
    5 days to go!!!!!
    3 days to go!!!!!!!
    1 day to gooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's today!!! Yay!!!!!!

    Now, if the destination is Disney... well, I tend to lose the ability to spell correctly as the trip approaches.

  3. I love the Penn State hat on the bed. Although, I'm a girl, I never go on vacation without my Penn State hat.

  4. Michele, The Penn State hat was a "bonus" to the Disney likes :)

    Barbara and Kim... I am so going to be turning it up again this week!