Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who am I? My first official blog post :)

Welcome, curious reader. This is my first "official" stab at blogging. I have grand plans to write about trips, experiences, thoughts, TV, the cats, and other miscellaneous things. You may detect the spin and future majority of the content of the blog from this introduction. We'll see how I do. But, before I expect anyone to read anything I take the time to write, I thought I should introduce myself. This way you can choose to enter into the relationship that we will have (too soon? moving on...). Everybody neat and pretty? Then, on with the show.

I was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania (shout out to Hellertown). I moved to Florida in the 1990s, where I had my first exposure to the dream jobs (part time) in radio. I worked in promotions and on-air (Saturdays Midnight to 7 AM, don't worry - only 17 people listened I think). But, a move to Orlando gave me the dream chance to be part of the Magic!

I was a part time Cast Member from 1998-2000. I worked at the Studios park as an Attractions Host and Disney Trainer. My primary role was tour guide at the Magic of Disney Animation (when it had a full tour and animators); Making of... (now Walt, One Man's Dream); and Backstage Pass. I was also a Trainer at those attractions and Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Bear in the Big Blue House (now Playhouse Disney). I loved the experience both personally and professionally. Being a part of people's memories or at least contributing to a positive experience a la Walt Disney can truly motivate you if you allow it to. In my opinion, as a cast member, you have to do it with this perspective. Days are long and hot in the summer and crowds of humans can get overwhelming. BUT- you always have to remember, no matter how insignificant to you, you are part of something greater than yourself. Most people only get to experience the parks and the Disney magic as a guest, and that is an experience all its own. Being a cast member, for me, gave me an appreciation for what Walt Disney and the Imagineers meant when they created the experiences that started with Disneyland.

Professionally I am a training consultant for a software company. So much of how I present myself (word choice, expression, sincerity) came from my exposure to the Disney Traditions. It is also a great thing to have on your resume throughout your professional lifespan. If the opportunity presents itself (advice from a Disney fan to other Disney fans), the experience is life changing (if you allow it to be).

Before this section sounds like a personal ad, I will use bullets to make it seem more rigid :)
  • I am a former travel professional, and I travel quite a bit with my job.
  • I am a TV/DVR addict.
  • I am dependent on being connected to the world and my iPhone, and RSS tend to keep me occupied.
  • OH, and I have embraced Twitter (and Facebook, kind of) as a great tool of communication. So nerds, unite.
Now before I ramble on and on... We'll see how I do. Thanks for reading and I will post again soon :)



  1. Yay! Steve. Nice intro.

    You may (..or many not...) have inspired me to start my own.

    Looking forward to hearing your adventures.

    -Michele (@MyMuse18)

  2. Awesome Steve,
    I worked at the Studios in 96 and 97 so we just missed each other. I was at the Sci-Fi most of the time. I still have everything they ever gave me to keep including a roll of stickers. Nice work and keep it up.

    Nate of WEDway Radio

  3. Awesome my dear friend!!!! I love your start.

  4. Thanks to the three of you for being my inaugural comments. You rock (and validate my stream of thought, to some degree) :)

    And to the previous readers, future readers and future commenters: I look forward to interacting with you all as well!